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Dexterous Graphite is a Dubai based company in DMCC, a Free Trade zone of the United Arab Emirates, manage graphite supply chain through mine ownership and joint ventures and then provide this to the consumers. We at Dexterous graphite, are high quality graphite suppliers, endeavor to ensure we have a continuous graphite supply equilibrium of different types of graphite, ranging from flake, amorphous and vein.  

 Graphite is a material of endless properties that are incredibly suitable to a variety of applications, from the lead on pencils, to being used in refractories. These properties include:

  •  Highly conductive of electricity
  • Low density
  • High melting point
  • Lubricant
  • Refractive 

The graphite industry continues to expand with the global phenomenon of green initiatives, having numerous graphite suppliers providing different forms of graphite further,  including lithium ion batteries, semi-conductors and solar energy. All three types of graphite differ with each other by their rare properties and forms.

Vein Graphite

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Vein graphite is a real vein mineral, not a seam mineral (amorphous graphite) or a mineral that is distributed throughout the ore rock, as the name implies (as in flake graphite). This form of graphite is especially easy to work with and blend with other materials, such as copper. Vein graphite’s high degree of crystalline allows for incredibly high electrical and thermal conductivity due to which it is highly used in automotive industry. Vein graphite is used in battery cells, carbon brushes, powder metallurgy, plastics, flame retardant compounds, and lubricants, among other things.

Vein graphite is found all around the world, not just in Sri Lanka. The famed Borrowdale, Cumberland, Dillon Montana USA, Great Britain location  where the first “pencils” were fashioned from solid graphite veins is one of them. “Vein Graphite” got the name because it is found in the veins of the rock. We here at Dexterous Graphite have the pure quality natural vein graphite supply available to be supplied to consumers.

Flake Graphite

Flake graphite is a natural occurring form of graphite that is often found in distinct flakes with diameters ranging from 50 to 800 meters and thicknesses varying from 1 to 150 meters. When carbon is treated with high pressure and high temperature, a natural form of flake graphite is formed. Due to its various benefits, flake graphite suppliers are popular in the booming electric vehicle market just like vein graphite. Flake graphite has important use in lithium ion batteries and for storing energy. 

At Dexterous Graphite, we are partnered with many of the largest flake graphite suppliers or producers globally, ranging from China to Madagascar and more and manage to get high quality, high purity micronized natural flake graphite supply, available in tonnage quantities. We have flake graphite supply in standard sizes ranging from 5 microns to 80 microns or whichever specification you may require and with a typical purity level of 99.9%+ carbon.

Graphite Suppliers | Graphite Flakes | Graphite Powder Bulk

Amorphous Graphite

Graphite Suppliers | Graphite Flakes | Graphite Powder Bulk

The term “amorphous graphite” was applied due to the anhedral (no visible crystallinity) morphology of amorphous graphite. Amorphous graphite is a shapeless form of graphite, like a lump of anthracite coal, but it’s more thicker in density than anthracite coal, also is soft and lubricious. Amorphous graphite differs in properties from vein graphite. Its deposits are found in areas places like Sonora, Mexico.  In these deposits, the graphite affecting agent has been identified as swarms of dikes that intruded the area. 

Amorphous graphite suppliers or producers provide it to be used for,

  • Metallurgy.
  • Coatings.
  • Lubricants
  • Refractories.
  • Paint production.
  • Pencil production.


Amorphous graphite supply is available in commercial grades with purity ranging from 75 to 85 percent and particle sizes ranging from 4-inch lumps to 3-micrometer powder. Dexterous graphite ensures to provide with high quality Amorphous graphite supply with custom specifications according to the client needs. 

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