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About Dexterous Graphite

Dexterous Graphite is a Dubai based company in DMCC, a Free Trade zone of the United Arab Emirates. Dexterous Graphite is a global company with growing strength in five continents and a continuously growing base of networks in the graphite, graphene, ethanol (In the USA), and other commodities industry at large.

We consider transparency in our dealings, we are a hands-on company, getting into every aspect of the business, changing what we think is necessary and creating viable long-term relationships through diligence and accuracy in all communication.

Our Mission

At Dexterous Graphite, our mission is to assist our clients and partners to grow and be efficient by providing already set platforms for business operations. We at Dexterous Graphite are experts in the commodities procurement industry and we are quick to take advantage of opportunities that arise. We believe in creating simple business approaches to mitigate the complexities that are naturally part of the procurement industries. 

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Dexterous Graphite About

Our Expertise

At Dexterous Graphite, our areas of expertise and competence include:

  • Identifying marketing needs and developing a strategy to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition
  • Educating and offering resources on information technology, sales and business regulations
  • Developing a strategic business plan with short and long term business goals
  • Reviewing accounting and budgeting, providing recommendations.
  • Creating hiring and training practices to bring on qualified candidates.

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Graphite Supply and Procurement

We provide and manage a graphite supply chain that ensures optimum operation as per our client needs. That means, among other things we endeavor to ensure we have a continuous supply equilibrium of different types of graphite, ranging from flake, amorphous and vein. Climate change concerns and a growing global conscious in manufacturing and consumer behaviour is driving sustainability practices on a level never previously accepted or indeed practised before. The 21st-century obligation for sustainability has created a mega-trend in automobile electrification, driving unprecedented demand for energy storage systems in the form of lithium-ion batteries. It will ultimately become the number 1 market application for graphite in the world. With the increasing size of the graphite market makes it incredibly important not to overlook the supply chain. There is a need, now more than ever, to establish efficient production of both natural and synthetic graphite.

We are building some of the cheapest and quickest to market natural graphite facilities in the world. Geographically best located for the Eastern markets – China, Japan and Korea. We also understand that consumers today are considering the environment in their   purchasing decisions and so our customers need green supply chains that are consistent with their commitments to sustainability. This was a major factor involved in the selecting of our suppliers who have a long and well-established history of environmental stewardship and of being a good corporate neighbor.

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